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SS Super Series Storage Tanks

Klar Super Series Stainless Steel Storage tanks are the right choice for anyone looking for a highly robust and reliable tank with an exclusive design and an excellent finish.


We take pride in announcing ourselves as India’s first fully integrated in-house SS Tank Manufacturing Plant.


Our tanks have been completely manufactured using automatic machines which not only provide a seamless finish to the tank but also helps us in remarkably reducing the lead time and cost of manufacturing a tank.


Klar tanks are totally Non Corrugated which gives them a distinct advantage over other SS Tanks. Corrugation or Ribs on the shell of the tank become pockets for growth of bacteria and algae. Our tanks have a straight profile to prevent bacterial and algal growth. Ordinarily, tanks are corrugated to provide them extra strength. But we rely on a Patented Technology called FLANGING to provide robustness and strength to our tanks.


All tanks come with standard SS 304 Inlet and Outlet Sockets and a rigid SS 304 stand. We have also provided a manhole on top to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance of the tank.


We can also provide you with customized solutions according to your specific requirement since we have a fully in-house manufacturing plant.


Standard Fittings/Accessories
1”x 2      SS 304 inlet sockets
1.5”x 1   SS 304 outlet socket


16” Manhole
SS 304 Stand (Welded with body)


Sizes Available
500 L, 1000 L, 1500 L, 2000 L, 3000 L, 5000 L

2000L-Tank-big 1000L-Tank-big super1-big storage-tanks-large 3000L-Tank-big




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