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S S Membrane Housings

Stainless Steel membrane housings allow you to take full advantage of your membrane capability. Stainless Steel is the universally accepted material for water systems. Aquario housings are safer and many times more reliable than FRP/PVC membrane housings.


Aquario SS Membrane housing has a complete Stainless Steel construction and no FRP or PVC components are used in the construction.


Aquario SS Membrane housing have got bolted flanged plates at the ends which is a far superior and reliable design than U pin style and End clamp style membrane housings.


Our membrane housings are designed for superior flow and reduced pressure drop.


All welds and edges are polished and smoothened to eliminate any product hold up.


The housings are tested for 400 PSI and 600 PSI pressure for 4” housing and 8” housing respectively. Housings are tested at three times the design pressure.


Specially manufactured Buna-N compound O ring seals are used to ensure zero leakage in the pressure tube. We provide Saddle and Clamp for fitment with the pressure tube.


Aquario SS membrane housings guarantee you complete peace of mind.


MOC – SS 304L / SS 316L


Sizes – 1 element to 6 elements capacity for 4” and 8” dia membrane


Features of S S Membrane Housing

  • Designed as per ISI Specifications for Water Systems
  • High Pressure Rating of 400 PSI for 4” housing and 600 PSI for 8” housing
  • Rugged end flanged plates of 6 mm thickness in 4” housing and 8 mm thickness in 8” housing
  • Easy maintenance and easy replacement of Membrane element due to bolted flanged ends
  • Not effected by UV rays or sunlight
  • Can withstand very high temperature
  • Supports process piping
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  Housing for 4″ dia Membrane Housing for 8″ dia Membrane
MOC SS 304L/SS 316L SS 304L/SS 316L
No. of Elements 1/2/3/4/5/6 1/2/3/4/5/6
Feed Line 1″ 0.5″
Product Line 1″ 0.5″
Waste Line 2″ 0.5″
Pressure Rating 400 PSI 600 PSI




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