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S S Insulated Storage Tanks

For installing tanks outdoors such as rooftops, Klar brings you a solution like never before. Klar range of insulated tanks lets you enjoy water at ambient temperature no matter how hot or how cold it is outside.


Klar Tanks are insulated using the latest Puf insulation technology. Puf insulation material is injected at high pressure in the space between the outer and inner shell to manufacture the Insulated tank. The insulation is 50 mm thick to ensure no heat transfer takes place between outside and the water present inside the tank. Both the shell as well as the top and bottom dish of the tank are insulated in order to achieve perfect insulation.


Infact, our insulation guarantees you a temperature rise or fall of not more than 1°C in an entire day. Therefore, if water enters the tank at a temperature of 18°C, the temperature of water inside the tank shall not rise beyond 19°C no matter how hot the weather maybe outside.


Klar Insulated tanks have a highly rigid inner shell and outer shell to guarantee peace of mind for a lifetime.


Advantages of Insulated Stainless Steel Tank


  • Enjoy water at ambient temperature for bathing during summers
  • Reduce your electricity bills in winters by reducing use of geysers since water will be available at ambient temperature from your overhead tank




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