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According to World Health Organization Standards, potable water or water for other domestic purposes such as cooking is only meant to be stored in Stainless Steel containers or tanks exclusively. It is argued that traditionally used plastic containers or tanks leach chemicals into the water , thus rendering the water unsafe for domestic consumption.


In third world countries and developing nations like India, water is primarily stored in plastic tanks traditionally. Though, plastic containers are cheap, the health hazard they potentially possess can have long term ill effects on one’s health. To elucidate this point, one must mention that plastic easily allows light to penetrate through it, hence promulgating growth of algae through photosynthesis which can only take place in presence of sunlight. This shortcoming is more evident in white plastic tanks which have better absorptivity for sun rays.


The chemicals used for synthesizing plastic inevitably leak into the contained water in the tank especially in the presence of light. Notice, if you drink water from a plastic bottle lying in a car for a couple of days, its taste invariably gets altered. This is due to the inherent problem in plastics called Leaching. Leaching itself leads to what we call in Toxicity in Plastics.

Stainless Steel Storage tanks on the other hand , are made up of an alloy of Iron, Nickel and Chromium. This alloy is inert in nature and owing to its extremely high melting point does not leach any of its contents in water. More importantly, since stainless steel is impervious to sunlight, no algae or bacterial formation takes place. It can be conclusively said that Stainless Steel is the most hygienic alternative that we have for storage of potable water.


We as a Stainless Steel manufacturer advocate the use of Stainless Steel tanks for storage of water as the most healthy and hygienic way alternative to storing water as opposed to the traditionally used plastic tanks.


The Stainless Steel tanks manufactured by us give you several other advantages as well.
We manufacture Stainless Steel tanks which are Insulated. In a hot country like India, water absorbs so much heat during the day that the water becomes unbearable to touch, let alone bathe. Our PUF Insulated Manufactured tanks ensure that water remains cold during summer and warm during winters. This not only helps one to bathe comfortably but also leads to considerable cost saving during winters because the geyser gets warm water as input as opposed to cold water during winters.


We have been manufacturing stainless steel storage tanks since the last three decades, our experience in manufacturing along with our high tech machinery ensure that this time you put your money on the right tank by ensuring the hygiene and comfort of your family.

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